Moringa tablet

Moringa oleifera 500mg tablet is an Ayurvedic formulation of 500mg pure powder, contains active levels of Vitamins, minerals and micro minerals more than 90 beneficial compounds. It is known as the most nutritious and potent superfood ever.

Moringa is known for its, bioactive nutrient properties. The nutritional benefits of Moringa leaf supports a number of bodily functions like cardio vascular, digestion, metabolism, immunomodulatory, neurological etc.

All the properties in moringa for weight loss also may help in Healthy digestion, detox of Liver and kidneys This moringa drumstick may help bone and joint wellness May boost energy levels and may improve vitality, focus, and stamina May boost the immune system May help maintain blood pressure levels within a normal range.

Moringa is getting popular worldwide as a nutrition supplements because of its very high contents of vitamins and minerals.

How to use: Take 4 Capsules in the morning, before or after breakfast to kick start your day.